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Women of Beltsville Seventh-day Adventist Church in America where Mrs Gertrude Mfune (Wife to Dr. Pastor Saustin Mfune) congregates, has donated reusable sanitary pads to girls at Malawi Mission Schools of Seventh-day Adventist Church of M'bwatalika and Lakeview. The donations which were handed over on the 7th and 8th of January this year was presented by Mrs Mfune on behalf of Beltsville Church Women in USA.

Receiving the donations, Central Malawi Conference Director of Education & Women Ministries Pastor Costas Kadango was all smiles for the good gesture. Pastor Kadango who was in company of the Beltsville Church Women representative Mrs Mfune also witnessed the spirit of love when not only pads but other assorted items were donated. 40 girls from M'bwatalika and 60 from Lakeview benefited from the donation.

About the Donors: At Beltsville church, a group of women gather together for sewing sessions. Some of the items they sew are reusable sanitary pads for women. Female members of the church both young and old, retired and active make up the group. Group activity participation is by all - those that do not have the sewing skills provide materials and financial support towards the projects. In 2019, the group considered Malawi as the beneficiary for their periodical donations. Mrs Mfune who comes from the chosen beneficiary country was delighted to share their little support back home.

According to the groups representative, the group chose to make the donation considering that some girls cannot afford to purchase sanitary pads on monthly basis, but also a way of promoting reusable pads compared to most disposable sanitary pads which are are sometimes accompanied with chemicals that can in the long run cause health issues to ones body. Issues of environmental effects associated with disposable pads were also a consideration in their thoughtful gesture.

M'bwatalika and Lakeview Mission Schools were very delighted of the warm support and being considered as recipients of such a donation. The school delegates thanked Mrs Mfune and asked that she extend their gratitude and sincere appreciation back to the women of Beltsville for their kindness.

Reported By: Charity Tsoka

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