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The General Conference Stewardship Director Marcos Bormfim has advised the Adventist Community in Malawi Union Conference to always remember God in their lifetime endeavours.

The GC Director, made this significant call at Area 30 Inspector General Ground, in Lilongwe, during the Big Sabbath Congregation for Lilongwe City Holy Convocation.

Sharing scriptures from the book, Deuteronomy 8:11-16, Pastor Bormfim advised the church in Malawi to always remember God in whatever the Lord has blessed them with.

"God is demanding us to be faithful in all of our financial blessings and most importantly let's recognize that God expects us to confess our sinful acts as we give to Him", he added.

Guided by the reading from Deuteronomy 6:1-6, the GC Director added that good Christian homes should teach and never neglect their children on how they can always put God first as expressed in Matthew 6:33.

The GC Stewardship Director stressed and testified that a perfect christian home that always and faithfully love family prayers never falls from serious family life calamities.

"It has been noted in my nearly forty years of service in the Seventh-day Adventist church that families that pray together flee themselves from cases of divorce and separation.

"Always teach your children the way of the Lord and they will never forget God" he added.

The Lilongwe City Holy Convocation program is one of the few stewardship emphasis mega programs in Malawi that was hosted by Central Malawi Conference in conjuction with Malawi Union Conference. The program attracted a good number of pastors from across Malawi who facilitated and visited homes of Adventists in order to remind them of their faithfulness to God.

Southern Africa Indian Ocean Division (SID) stewardship director Mundla Lywali was also in attendance at the convocation.

Story by Jackson Maclay

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