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Ndi Uthenga!

Adventist Women Ministry in the Central Malawi Conference of SDA Church continue to undertake various activities with the drive to Reach Out and Reach In.


Mrs Grace Mazunda, Director 

We nurture and empower the Adventist woman to grow spiritually through bible studies; prayer groups and trainings that would help to fight illiteracy amongst us as it is one of our challenges. Our department encourages all women to get involved in evangelism in order to reach out with God and also take part in fulfilling the mission of the world church. Apart from sharing the gospel women have been involved in several other charity work like building houses for the needy and providing whatever they can to those in need.

The global COVID 19 pandemic which affected governance and operations of almost every system globally did not spare the functionality of Women's Ministry in the central Malawi Conference of SDA Church. Through-out the global interventions of the pandemic, our core functions were hampered as public evangelistic campaigns were suspended. In mitigating the challenge, the department devised digital systems to reach out and save the souls. Trainings, evangelistic campaigns and other engagements were deployed using the internet, television and radio.

One of the success stories during the pandemic was an online leadership seminar where156 graduated with Andrews University.

Mitigating The COVID 19 Pandemic

Women in Digital Evangelism




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