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SDA Radio and TV Celebrate Ten Years of Bringing Hope to the Nation

Ps Thangalimodzi presenting Thanthwe Live

Hope Channel Malawi a media house of the Seventh Day Adventist church has on Sabbath November 2, 2019 celebrated its 10th anniversary of service and bringing hope to the nation at Bingu International Convention Centre (BICC) in Lilongwe.

Speaking during the ceremony, Malawi Union Conference president of the Seventh Day Adventist church Pastor Frackson Kuyama thanked all invited guests present and all people who came from different districts in the central region for showing interest to celebrate together the 10th anniversary of hope channel.

We appreciate the big role that the Central Malawi Conference (CMC) is showing in supporting our radio and Television (TV). It is because of the financial support and the observations you always give that is making our media house successful. We are here today to appreciate the good job that you have shown in the past ten years and I urge you to continue, said Pastor Kuyama.

Pastor Kuyama added that despite that some districts in CMC do not listen to the radio and watch hope TV because there is no signal but they still contribute to the radio and TV which is just showing that many people have good intentions to the media house.

“I encourage you to continue giving your financial support to our media because it is one way of preaching and a lot of people who are not Adventists are benefiting from different programs on hope radio and TV and all these are because of your support, said Pastor Kuyama.

He then urged the South Malawi Conference and North Malawi Conference of the Seventh Day Adventist church to give more support to Hope media so that it should continue giving messages of hope to the nation. I would also like to thank all non-Adventists who financially support our media, we dont take this for granted, added pastor Kuyama.

The guest of honor Dr Thom Mpinganjira said hope radio and TV are essential tools for disseminating information which is helping to improve the spiritual life of Christians. He added that radio and TV reach a huge number of people at once than efforts and preaching in church.

"SDA radio and TV have the power to transform people and help them come near to God. There are a lot of challenges that people meet, others are helpless and hopeless but our radio and TV gives hope to such people through sermons, songs and other programs aired," said Mpinganjira.

Mpinganjira further encouraged members of staff of Hope channel to continue the good moral principles that focus only on Jesus Christ and salvation of people. We are living in a world that is full of different teachings but we should know that it is only the bible which can give us true answers to all our questions and we have hope in using our media platform in preaching the truth to the whole nation through hope radio and TV," added Mpinganjira.

Speaking in an interview, the director for Hope Channel Malawi Pastor Charles Thangalimodzi said after holding the celebrations early this year in Blantyre they decided to have a similar celebration in Lilongwe because they have learnt that CMC is doing a commendable job in supporting the radio and TV.

We thought of holding another celebration in the central region because it is where most of our support comes from and we thought we needed to show our appreciation by holding this celebration here, added Pastor Thangalimodzi.

Pastor Thangalimodzi added that despite that people in CMC help the radio and television through finances, they have shown a tremendous support in gathering at BICC to celebrate with them. We have seen a lot of people flocking here despite the little publicity we made in churches, people have come in large numbers and we received a lot of feedback that the listenership and viewership of todays celebration was very high which means a lot of people love and support our channel, he said.

He then said that SDA radio and Hope TV have a great impact to the whole nation because the messages which are fed to Adventists are in turn ministered to non-Adventists and it is very essential to continue supporting the media house.

Among other things during the ceremony, were live programs, live interviews, testimonies on how 10 years of service has impacted peoples lives, testimonies from program contributors, kids time and music.


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