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Rejoice Singing Group Set to Launch an Extended Play

Called to Minister- Rejoice

Rejoice singing group from Nsewa Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church is set to launch an Extended Play (EP) both audio and video titled ‘Never be discouraged’ on December 5, 2020 at Nsewa SDA Church.

Speaking in an interview, one of the group members, Emmanuel Samu said the core aim of the songs in the EP is giving the world messages of hope.

He said “currently the world is passing through difficult times which are affecting people and many are being discouraged thinking that God has forsaken them. So the EP is there to encourage them that God sees whatever they are passing through and that He will never leave them.”

Samu further added that they are targeting everyone and especially those in tough situations who have tried their best but nothing seems to change in their lives and are now hopeless.

“Our aim is to reach everyone with the word of God

through music and we believe that the songs will reach and bring positive impact to a lot of people especially those who lost hope.We do not take music as an industry but as a ministry and we believe that we are on a mission of reaching people not to lose their trust in God regardless of the challenges being encountered in this world,” he said.

He added that they are seeing a brighter future in the ministry because they believe that being a gospel group of young people, they have the potential of becoming God’s strong tools in the vine and their plans is to bring many lives to God through music.

“Music ministry is really improving in Malawi and there are a lot of gospel groups established every day. What is needed is just proper coordination and creativity in coming up with songs so that they should be able to change someone and touch their souls,” he added.

Among other songs in the EP are; when this world will be over, Limba mtima and ''Tsogolereni mbuye''.The group started singing in February 2011 and currently, it has 24 members.

This is their first EP and they hope to release more of such and albums in the near future.

Reported by Chikondi Basikolo

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