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CMC President Describes 'Successful People Are Not From Mars' As a Very Powerful Book.

The President of the Central Malawi Conference,Pastor Petros Sukali has described a new book released by Pastor John Phiri, 'Successful People Are Not From Mars' as very powerful and worth reading by everyone.

Speaking in an interview,the CMC president expressed his excitement with the book by one of the conference pastors.

"As CMC president, I am thankful to God and excited to see one of our pastors, who is my predecessor, releasing a very powerful book, 'Successful people are not from Mars'. To show my happiness, gratitude, and encouragement, I decided to be the first pastor to buy this book as a way of promoting it.'' He said.

''The book has been written in such an amazing way that once you finish reading each chapter, a desire to read the next grows. The author is consistent with the theme. It denounces the philosophy of many who are filled with negatives and impossibilities in their minds. It argues that success does not depend on already favorable conditions or circumstances. It all depends on personal mindset and worldview. Nothing good will come to us by chance. Our efforts and creativity are vital in success.'' said Pastor Sukali. Pastor Petros Sukali (Left) and the author,Pastor John Phiri.

He saluted the author for defying all odds to come up with a book at a time when the world is facing economic and social challenges like COVID 19.

'' It tells us that the same opportunity can mean a success to one and a disaster to another depending on how the two approach the situation.We have all gone through Covid 19 experience.While,for example,some of us would say it is difficult to produce a book during COVID 19,Pastor Phiri has successfully released a book in the same Covid 19 situation.I salute and honor him''. He said.

The CMC President also said as a minister of good news, the book assures us that though salvation is free, but to be saved is an individual choice.

He further urged pastors to write books that would provide relevant practical reference to the Bible which entails the salvation of mankind throughout history,and daily life experiences of mankind.

Commenting about the book,Pastor John Phiri,the author said that his book is a rich mine of an array of life changing thoughts built on critical philosophies and psychologies that are likely to promote integrity,hardwork,creativity,honest,healthy self-esteem and self confidence among other positives.

''I am persuaded that beyond reasonable doubt that these are the critical issues that ensure security, serenity of mind and harmony in any given society...anywhere in the world.

The book is built around a work and character ethic. It is not there just to excite the mind, but to challenge it the realities of life and the importance of discipline in life.'' Said Pastor Phiri

Successful People Are not From Mars is a motivational book that was released in November,2021 and is currently being distributed by the author and can also be accessed on Amazon.

Story by Yunos Kamba

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