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A multitude of women from the Central Malawi Conference of the Seventh day Adventist Church gathered at Msalura ground, TA Kalonga in Salima district on 11th June, 2022 to commemorate the World women emphasis day.

The gathering was graced by Pastor Brian Chafunya, the Central Malawi Conference (CMC) Executive Secretary and sherphadess Chafunya.

The director of Women in the Central Malawi Conference, Pastor Constance Kadango took the gathering on divine with the sermon titled 'Obeying God in last days' which was taken from the book of Acts 5:29 which encourages us to obey God, rather than man.

As it was with the Israelites in Egyptian kingdom, the king wanted to minimize the number of Hebrews by ordering the two midwives, shiphrah and Puah to eliminate all Hebrew baby boys at birth inorder for the Hebrew clan to be weak as by only producing girls [Exodus 1: 15 - 21].

But the midwives feared God and disobeyed the king by letting the boys live.

When the king asked Shiphrah and Puah why the boys lived while there was still an order, they replied that Hebrew women were very strong than Egyptian women.

They added that they gave birth easily , and their babies were born before either of the could get there''.

"We should be like Shiphrah and Puah in our community, even in our work place. When ordered to work against God's commandments we should better obey God not man for it is not good to commit sin in order to be praised by people and being cursed by God'', Said Pastor Kadango.

The CMC Women also organized a special event inside this colorful day as they donated assorted items worthy K50,000 to two aged women who lack so many things in their daily life .

By Clement Sakhuta. CMC

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