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On 10th April 2021, Bethel Church in the Central Malawi Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist graduated a total of 26 scholars from classes which started on 6th February 2021. From this number, 9 scholars got baptized.

The graduation was graced by Pastor Hendrix Kalima, the Central Malawi Conference’s Voice of Prophecy (VOP) Director.

In his remarks, Pastor Kalima thanked Bethel Church for her efforts in VOP lessons.

He said despite the Church being a year old, but has managed to graduate such a good number of scholars and from the testimonies, it shows that scholars were studying hard and responding to questions very well.

Among those who enrolled scholars for VOP classes was a 9 year old boy, Tumpale Sichali. Tumpale also enrolled his middle aged nanny who had been baby-sitting him since he was a month old.

Everytime the young boy would collect the answered lessons and give them back to the coordinator for marking and collect the next lessons for her.

Even the scholar was motivated with the interest of the young boy and could answer the lessons on time. At first the scholar had to borrow a Bible for her studies, but later she bought a Bible for her studies. She was also among the baptized scholars.

Bethel Church is expected to graduate 35 more scholars later this year.

By Ophman Ndekha

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