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CMC Stewardship Department Awards Best Performers. Pastors Receive Cash Prizes And Suits.

The Central Malawi Conference stewardship department on Monday,the 21st January awarded pastors whose churches performed very well in tithing in the last six months of the year,and the whole year of 2018.

The presentation of the awards took place during the Workers conference which was taking place at Messas Lodge in Lilongwe on Monday 21st January.The Central Malawi Conference President presided over the prize presentation ceremony.

Announcing the names of the best performers,the director of Stewardship in the Central Malawi Conference,Pastor Chancy Mchewere Banda said the awards were presented as a motivation to the Pastors.

''We hope these presents will motivate you.May those who have done well continue to do so,and those who haven’t fared well improve this year.The success of the conference and your own success relies on your hardwork''.Said Mchewere Banda.

He further said while some churches are still struggling in reaching their goals, it is pleasing to note that the conference was the best performer in Malawi Union in 2019.

Pastors of Salima,LilongweNorthwest,Mponela and Chilinde went away with cash prizes of K30,000 each for performing well in the second half of 2018. Pastors from 18 other churches received 3 piece suits for reaching their goals in 2018.These included pastors from Area 23,Area 3,Area 18,Biwi and Bunda.

Pastor Brian Nthengu of Bunda district could not hide his excitement after receiving the suit.

''Its a big surprise to me.I didn’t expect to receive such a nice suit from this conference.I will leave to cherish this present.I will work harder this year''.Said Nthengu.

The Ministerial Director of the Central Malawi Conference,Pastor Edward Chigeda urged the Pastors to lead by example in tithing.

''Every pastor should lead by example by returning tithe faithfully. You can’t urge your members to be faithful when you are unfaithful.That's hypocrisy''.He said.

It was announced during the workshop that all churches in the union should be collecting funds for the radio and television every first Sabbath of the month.




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