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Determined to Reach-out: Preacher Shares Accommodation with Goats and Chickens, Aside from Tobacco B

In a rare display of determination to preach the gospel, Lay preacher Fitta Chipeta in Kasungu,has spent last two weeks sharing accommodation with chickens and goats while conducting an evangelistic crusade popularly known as an Effort at Gogodi village, 12 km away from Kasungu Municipal. The crusade which finished today saw over 20 people baptised and confirming taking a bold position as stewards of Christ in the Seventh Day unentered village of Gogodi. Preacher Fitta Chipeta is a latest beneficiary of the recent Lay preachers Seminar conducted by Tony Nyirenda at Nalikule college this year. In his confession, Fitta Chipeta could not hide his marvel at God's protection for keeping him strong and health during the two week crusade despite the challenging environment he lived in: "Usiku wanga womaliza kugona munyumba momwenso mukugonanso nkhuku ndipo munthu ndinalimo ndekha koma osadwala ndithu. God is great." Testified Fitta Chipeta.

Aside from the livestock, Fitta Chipeta's shelter was piled with bales of Tobacco, a feat that never distracted his march to reach out for Christ.


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