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Visitor's Choral Sabbath at Area 3

On 8th April, 2017, was a visitor's day for all the Seventh Day Adventist churches. Area 3 was one of them that managed to have this special day and the largest choir from Central Malawi Conference that is lead by Pastor Chancy Mchewere Banda, was to bless the visitors.

The Sabbath School department - "the heart of the church" - organised events of the day when we all gathered to learn about Jesus. As described by the president of the General Conference Ted Wilson, and I quote "Sabbath school is the one of the most important parts of the Sabbath, it gives us the opportunity for fellowship, mission understanding, outreach, Bible study and discussion. What a privilege to be able to study our guide in a small group setting and make the wonderful day biblical instructions practical for our spiritual experience the next week. No one should miss the Sabbath School" end of quote. And yes no one would want to miss the Sabbath School.

Sabbath 8th April was indeed a special day at Area 3 SDA Church where the Music Department spiced up the day with a well organized choral program. The heavenly experience of the winning songs covered about 80% of the day of preaching through the music by the Central Malawi Conference Mass Choir.

Up to 291 people attended the worship service on the day including 40 visitors, of which 15 were non Adventists.

The District Pastor fondly known as Uncle Ding, Pastor Dingani Mfune, caught the attention of the kids with a puppets story about John the Revelator and also read from John 14:1. They went on to sing with the best puppet Gogo Harvey stealing the show.

During devine service, Pastor Mazengera took the pulpit with an inspiring message called "Mkwiyo wakula ndipatseni zida" (the anger is extreme, give me the weapons), a message that centered on key reading from the book of Ephesians 4 verse 26 which says "in your anger do not sin, do not let the sun go down while you are still angry." Other bible passages that he read included 2 Samuel 16:5,9,11.

Pastor Mazengera decoded two types of anger; cold and hot anger, in which he detailed the two as that:

The cold anger is where one is hurt but still can afford a smile and you can not notice that they are angry. The other one is where one reacts without control. This hot anger might end up affecting the third party and may lead to regretting the actions and can cause madness.

In conclusion he pointed out that there are three weapons that deal with anger:

  1. Trust in Jesus and His words that will make everything perfect.

  2. Prayer- sister Ellen G. White said "no man is safe for an hour without a prayer."

  3. Music- sing, he gave an example of Khristu Mu Nyimbo number 112.

What has angered you in your life? Sing!

What songs?

The songs that will revive your soul.

Jesus is coming soon and He will do away with any type of anger. Just trust Him.



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