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Kasungu Central Church welcomes Pastoral family

Pastor and Shepherdess Mfune

Kasungu Central Church members were all smiles as they were introduced to the new pastoral family that will be serving the district. To facilitate the introduction of Pastor and Shepherdess Dingani Mfune, the Executive Secretary of Central Malawi Conference, Ps Brian Chafunya was present for the task.

In his introductory speech, Ps Chafunya reminded the church that every pastor comes with their own Spiritual gifts and members should not waste time trying to compare but should rather embrace each minister and their gifts and gain from their presence.

He then encouraged the members to join hands with the pastor and support him and the family the best they can.

Responding to the introduction, Ps Mfune mentioned that he and his family were happy and excited to be part of Kasungu Central Church. He told the church that he was prepared to do the best he can in preparing people for Jesus' return and asked for their prayers as he too would be praying for them.

The senior elder, Isaac Motowawo, then stood on behalf of the church to welcome the pastoral family and said that he and his fellow leaders, along with the whole church are happy to receive the Mfunes and he said they are ready to support the pastor.

Kasungu Central Church Communications Department

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