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Kachere district members have been urged to be committed to God’s work for the growth of the Church.

The appeal was made on Friday, January 15, 2021 in Kasungu during a ceremony where three branches within Kachere were organized.

Speaking at one of the churches, Bethel branch, Central Malawi Conference (CMC) President, Pastor Petro Sukali said members should work hard for God and put God first in everything.

He further advised newly elected leaders to lead the church with commitment and determination.

Kachere district Pastor Moses Mpinganjira said he was grateful for the memorable event graced by CMC officials.

"I am very happy that our plans have been fulfilled, may the name of the Lord be glorified." He added.

Pastor Ernest Mwale went to Mlangali branch, Pastor Daniel Msulira and Pastor Ernest Mwale went to Suza branch while the CMC president Pastor Sukali went to Bethel branch.

Bethel branch has a total of 55 baptized members, Suza 60, while Mlangali has 62.

By: Willan Kamangoro Mkandawire

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