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Area 38 SDA Church Celebrates Health Emphasis Day

Shepherdess Nellie Tsoka from kamuzu Barracks graced the Health Emphasis day at Area 38 SDA church on 25 November 2023. Shepherdess Tsoka adviced parents during divine to be good examples to children. She read scriptures from Psalms 22:6 where it indicated that parents should teach their children in the way they should go so that they won't depart from it when they grow up. She gave example of Joseph who was brought up with good values by Jacob his father and consequently he overcame all the temptations he faced in Potiphar's house. "Parents should never be negligent towards their kids, they should not leave the work of discipline only to Sabbath school teachers but instead should always be the ones in fore front to discipline them. By that they won't depart from whatever they were taught even if they grow old," Mrs Tsoka's advised the congregation. She emphasized that the only way one can stand firm in faith is by the way one is brought up. If one was brought up in faith, it will be difficult for him to depart from the faith even when he grows up or whenever he faces temptations and trials. The day was blessed with music from Area 38 church Young AMO. The Young AMO presented an afternoon program with a theme that backed up the Health Emphasis day. They cited speeches on health issues rounding up to their theme Healthy Church , Healthy Future. The day however was punctuated with partial sombre mood among the congregation as one of the Area 38 elders, Elder Wilson Chabwera gave farewell to the church. The church sang "God be With you ," in a down to earth mood , an expression that the family played an important role to the ministry of the church. Beatrice Buleki CMC Media



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