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Chinsapo Seventh day Adventist Youths (AY) have been urged to be committed to promoting evangelism if the Church is to achieve meaningful and sustainable evangelistic work.

The appeal was made by Master Guide Chinsisi Tabitha Phiri on Sunday 8 May 2022 at Machenga SDA Church in the area of Traditional Authority (T/A) Njewa in Lilongwe during the street drill and marching exercise that was organized to interact with people in the streets of Chinsapo, Nkhwangwa, and Machenga aiming at spreading the gospel.

"We are appealing to the youths in the church to dedicate their time to spread the word of God because people are hungry for God's message of hope and salvation as such there was need for them to develop a positive mind towards the promotion of evangelistic work," she said.

Chairperson of Evangelism at Chinsapo SDA, Blessings Mtiyesanji, said youths should step up their efforts in enhancing their participation in evangelism in order to fulfil the Church's mission of preaching the gospel to the whole world to hasten the soon coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

"I call upon all the people in these communities that we had visited to make sure that they make the right decisions to follow Jesus in order to overcome sin," he explained.

In an interview with Director of AY at Machenga SDA , Zione Mkanya said the street drill and marching exercise was critical in increasing youth evangelism skills in the long and medium term.

"As youth leaders, we will try very hard to instill evangelism spirit in the youths minds so that they become reliable future evangelists and be able to win as many souls as they can," she said.

By Francis Mkanya.

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