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Nkhota-kota Seventh-Day-Adventist (SDA) Church on Sunday 27 September 2020 held a ground breaking ceremony for Malanga Branch in the area of Traditional Authority (T/A) Mphonde.

Guest of honour at the event, Group Village Headman Chazolokera Chimonjo, who represented the T/A, said it is pleasing that the church had invited chiefs to grace the occasion.

“Chiefs are the custodians of all people, irrespective of their faith. Therefore, the growth of Malanga SDA Church is a sign of the growth of the whole village.

"I then appeal to each one of you to stand firm in your faith and make sure you grow together with this new branch,” Chimonjo said.

He then advised the church leaders to immediately lease the land which Group Village Head Malanga personally apportioned.

" All pledges made today should be honoured. Remember that it is a pledge to God, not to man," Chimonjo advised.

Nkhotakota SDA Church Pastor Patrick Gazamwala hailed the people for attending the ceremony.

"This clearly demonstrates that people of Malanga love our church even though they are coming from different denominations. As the main church, we will continue to support the new branch and ensure that the structure is completed," he explained.

According to Nkhota-kota SDA Church senior elder Mabvuto Ngwenya the church building is projected at K3 million.

"Today, we have raised K600,000 and we hope we will beat the target. Once the new church is built, we expect to see new members flocking to the church," Ngwenya said.

Malanga SDA Church, which has at least 28 members, was established in 2017 with only one person who used to pray under a tree before graduating to a thatched structure.

By Williams Kajoloweka Kaponda - Nkhotakota SDA communicator

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