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Members of Machenga Seventh day Adventist (SDA) church in the area of Traditional Authority Njewa in Lilongwe were on Sabbath, April 9, 2022, urged to promote Voice of Prophecy {VOP} Bible Correspondence lessons in order to win souls over to the Lord through effective and meaningful evangelism.

The call was made by the Director of Voice of Prophecy at the church, Khalidwe Isaac, during VOP promotion day.

The promotion was aimed at sensitizing the members in church evangelism in the wake of COVID -19 pandemic.

" We want to embrace total member involvement through Voice of Prophecy Bible lessons which is a powerful tool for evangelism," he said.

One of the elders at the Church, Catherine Chalira, stressed the need for the church members to teach communities, around and beyond the church, the truth about Gods word through public evangelism.

She said VOP lessons were crucial in winning souls and, as such, require total member involvement.

She further said that there is, a need for Machenga church to intensify VOP lessons in order to reach out to as many people as possible with true gospel.

"I would like to encourage all departmental leaders to be familiar with evangelistic work in order to carry out meaningful evangelism," she said.

One of the church members, Emmie Denga, described the VOP promotion as a positive step towards intensification of evangelistic work at the church.

" VOP lessons are vital as they enlighten people and inspire them to prepare for the second coming of Christ," she said.

By Francis Mkanya

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