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Lilongwe Nort-East District graduated 17 Voice of Prophecy(VOP) candidates on 23rd September, 2023. Each of the candidates was awarded a certificate of recognition. The graduands had undergone 26 VOP lessons. The ceremony took place at Mgona ground.

The guest of honour was Mr Hopkins Maliro who was sent by Central Malawi Conference to award the certificates. In his speech, he advised the graduates to help in the spreading of the word of God. He also motivated them that the truth they have found should spread to others who do not know it.

Two of the awardees; Mrs Glades Chiwale and Mr Timve Katanda spoke on behalf of their colleagues.

Mrs Chiwale said that the lessons are very important in their daily lives as they have learnt some hidden truth. Mr Katandika also emphasised that in the process of learning, they faced challenges and discouragement. Despite all these, they kept on attending the VOP lessons.

By Malingaliro Mpungula

CMC Media

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