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Members of Nampala district of the Seventh-day Adventist church in Lilongwe have been challenged to consider starting entrepreneurship to effectively assist the church to grow.

Speaking at the camp meeting at Kaimbi church on 17th August 2023, Pastor Kaulawe

told the congregation that it is important for Christians to be active in entrepreneurship so that they are financially able to support families and uplifting the word of God .

"Despite some uncertainties, entrepreneurship is a rewarding enterprise," Pastor Kaulawe said

He went on to elaborate the importance of entrepreneurship to the society, in this case, the church. Among other things,he said that entrepreneurship helps to foster innovation, promote economic development and create jobs. He said that successful businesses are likely to expand and generate jobs and other benefits.

"We cannot give church offerings and return tithe if we don't have anything. It is the will of God that we work and earn a living," Pastor Kaulawe said.

Reading from the book of Genesis chapter 2 verse 15,He encouraged Christians to work since, even God did not allow Adam to stay idle in the garden of eden but to till it and keep it.

Addressing the issue of capital which is considered as an obstacle to the establishment of business enterprises, the pastor said that the best capital is life and good health. At this point Pastor Kaulawe explained some steps to be followed in order to start a business. Among others, pastor Kaulawe talked about discovering one's big idea, researching one's product and audience, calculating start up costs, sourcing the products and figuring out transport strategy.

"The problem that most people with business ambitions have is wanting to copy successful businesses that others are already doing. This just increases the supply thereby lowering the demand and consequently lowering the selling price," He explained.

The camp meeting started on 15 August closed on Sabbath 18th August, 2023.

The meeting was graced by retired pastor W. M. Banda, pastor Kamlakalaka, pastor S. Mchenga, pastor Kaulawe and the district Pastor, Paul Kamgoma.

By Macdonald Mphanda

CMC Media



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