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CMC Communicators Trained In Web Management

As one way of increasing its Web presence, the Central Malawi Conference held a training for communicators on Website Management.

The Training was held on Wednesday 7th November 2018 at Heko Technologies in City Center in Lilongwe.

According to the Executive Secretary for the Communication Department in the Central Malawi Conference, Yunos Kamba, the training was organized to help those who have been tasked with updating news stories with the technical Know-how.

“In the first place the task was being handled by the Website Manager , Henry Kopa, but with work load we decided to add a few to help him in running this huge task”,Kamba Said.

He said, “Currently we have a lot of communicators in our local churches who contribute stories to our website, hence the need for us to have a team to look into these stories and make sure that they are published”.

And On his Part the Website Manager for CMC who was also the facilitator for the Training, Henry Kopa, said that so far he is impressed with how communicators are performing in terms of contributing news stories.

He further said so far the number of people who visit CMC website is increasing day by day hence the need for updating the website now and again.

“Today we trained the communicators on how they publish the stories on the Website and the Facebook page, and so far the response has been good as the trainees were able to publish stories after the training.” said Kopa.

Kopa however expressed the need for support in terms of resources for smooth running of operations.

The Communicators who were trained are Chikondi Basikolo, Eaton Kanyandula, Yunos Kamba and John Khaiya Mpelule.

On her Part , Chikondi Basikolo expressed gratitude on the knowledge acquired and said she will do her best to make sure that stories are published on the website on time.

Central Malawi Conference launched its Website in 2016 and so far the Website has helped to reach people across the globe.



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