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Lingadzi District Drills Women with Multiple Skills...Sabbath Sermony Draws 8 to the Church

It was an all-out drill when Lingadzi District of the Sevent-Day adventist Church held a week long seminar for women in the area. Multiple skills were trained during the special week event, that sharpened the underutilized talents in the women ministry.

The program reached the height on the Sabbath of 21st October 2017 when women graduated with rejuvenated talents on sewing, knitting, baking and cookery. Mostly importantly, the women were taught on how to preach, in addition to provision of family care.

At the end of the divine service, the Spirit of the Lord was manifested as eight visitors that congregated with the church made an outright statement for Jesus. The eight made the call for the acceptance to join the church without a second thought. The amazing story was a followup to the inspired message of the day titled "Maso Akasiya Kuona".

Commenting on her decision, one of the new converts confessed to have had a vision through a dream where God showed her the way to the true church: Seventh-day Adventist.

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