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Stewardship week at Gulliver SDA church ends on a high note… Challenged to be faithful till the end

February 19th to 25th, 2017 was Stewardship week in most of the churches in Central Malawi Conference (CMC), this according to the calendar of events.

Gulliver SDA church is one of the churches that had Stewardship week. Youthful and inspirational Pastor Dingaani Mfune from Area 3 church was the guest speaker for the week at Gulliver.

Sabbath day was the epitome of the week; it was a combination of stewardship and music program by celebrated group, Advent Hope Ministries, from Soche SDA church in Blantyre. They blessed the congregation with their heaven bound music from morning to evening.

The week was full of practical lessons. Some of the topics covered included giving whole heartedly, letting God be in control of our wealth, taking care of Gods blessings and finally on Sabbath the church was challenged as to “Why do we choose to be unfaithful”. The lead text was from 1 Samuel 13: 1-19.

A case in point was Saul’s self-justification for offering a sacrifice when he thought Samuel was taking too long to meet him. Yet the result of his impatience was devastating, his army was scattered from him. In the end, it was concluded that we have no reason to be unfaithful even if it seems God is taking too long to meet us. The church was challenged to realise that God is the supplier of everything and in His own time He makes all available for His people.

He further assured the church that when one feels God is taking long to intervene, they should remember that God is the God of time even when He seems late. When in fear, His people should remember that God did not give us the spirit of fear.

The sermon was iced with beautiful music from Advent Hope Ministries. People from all walks of life came to worship at Gulliver and indeed it was a day well spend

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