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Turn M'bwatalika Green !

Central Malawi Conference led by the Conference President, Pastor John A, G. Phiri conducted an official tree planting day dubbed Turn Mbwatalika Green. The initiative is to plant 2,100 trees of different species along the access roads. In addition shrubs and herbs in designated open places.

In his speech, Pastor Phiri encouraged the students as well as all members of the Seventh Day Adventist church to plant more trees: "we should not only consume but also conserve and even multiply them. God expects us to love nature and take good care of the same", he said.

According to the Conference President, it is our Bible expected responsibility to ensure that we take good care and maintain our environment. The Bible in Revelation 11:18 explicitly warns that people who do not take good care of their environment (the earth) will be punished at the end and so it part of our stewardship to ensure that we preserve and take good care of nature.

The president challenged every Christian, especially Adventists to embrace tree planting which is part of preserving or conserving nature, as a divine assignment.

Commenting on the 'Turn M'bwatalika Green' initiative, the humble and visionary conference leader said "Trees add beauty to life and that is part of the main reason we are planting trees at M'bwatalika and we are encouraging our churches and church members to do the same in their respective areas. We want to make our Missions look beautiful and attractive enough to everyone who visits.

"It was fun and great for me to participate in the tree planting exercise, to know that even when I am dead the tree I planted will continue to provide some shad to some weary soul running away from the scorching Sun is something that leaves a unique sense of satisfaction in me. I thank God for the privilege He gave me to plant a tree at His institution." remarked the president.

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