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Welcome to Central Malawi Conference of the SDA Church


Ps. John AG Phiri

CMC President

On behalf of the 76,000 plus Seventh-day Adventists who comprise Central Malawi Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Malawi, I congratulate you for       visiting our website. We are here to serve you.

Central Malawi Conference started out as a mission field in 1964 and was first headquartered at Dedza Boma some 99 kilometers from Lilongwe and about 221 kilometers from Blantyre off the M1 road in Malawi.  After 44 years of hard work and dedicated services on 13 August 2008, the Central Malawi Field was organized into a Conference and duly changed its name to Central Malawi Conference (CMC) the name it continues to be identified with today.

For over 52 years now since its establishment Central Malawi Conference continues to minister to the spiritual, physical, intellectual, and social needs of the people of the Central Region of Malawi. Through our trained pastors, elders and dedicated ordinary church members we provide a plethora of services throughout the nine political districts comprising the Central Region of Malawi. Our church is structured in a way that provides room for every member involvement in the propagation of the gospel and service to humanity regardless of gender, age and other statuses. We have various ministries and societies run both at local church levels and Conference level. Popular among them are the Women Ministries or Dorcas as they are locally fondly known, the Adventist Youth (AY), Children Ministries and Adventist Men Organization (AMO).

Through this website we are pleased to share with you what we are doing in our territory as Seventh-day Adventists in preparation for the soon return of our Lord, Jesus the Christ. More than just sharing with you what we are doing, we also offer you an opportunity and do invite you to participate in this historic event of preparing the universe for the final showdown. Our mission is to proclaim the good news of salvation as it is found in Jesus the Christ and as announced by the prophetic angels in the book of Revelation 14:9-12. Our vision is disciple all people in the Central Region of Malawi in preparation for the final day of earth’s history.


Existing in a region that boasts about 6 million people and has a ratio of 1:100 Adventist to Non-Adventist, our challenge is to bring the gospel as it is proclaimed by the Seventh-day Adventists Church to the numerous un entered areas of our region. Currently we have 791 church points or congregations across the region organized into 56 church districts with 53 full time active pastors and 3 volunteer lay pastors.

One key result area in our 2016-2021 rolling Strategic Plan is evangelization of the least entered or unentered areas in our region. As part of our strategy to realize this vision, through the Personal Ministries Department, we have introduced GO 150 Initiative which is a campaign targeting 6 identified least entered districts out of the 9 districts in the region. The districts are Dowa, Lilongwe rural, Ntchisi, Nkhotakota, Kasungu and Mchinji. Ideally, the goal is to conduct a minimum total of 150 public evangelistic campaigns every year for the next 4 or 5 years; 25 in each of those respective 6 targeted districts.

You will learn more about what we believe and profess as our biblical tenets from here [link to 28 fundamental beliefs]. If you are interested not just in learning what we believe but actually study the bible with us, we have online services for you where you can enroll for bible studies in the language of your preference from here, too.

If you are already a member in one of our churches, this website provides you with the tools and resources you need for your spiritual growth. It is our hope that you will visit our downloads section or any respective department of your choice and get your copies of any of the resources available you may find helpful to you.

If you are a church clerk at your local church and you have not yet registered for Adventist Church Management Systems (ACMS) you can do so now from ACMS section which can be accessed on the link in Menu above .

We shall be grateful to learn from you where and how we can improve our service to your satisfaction.

Remember to share our page with as many friends of yours as you can. “Freely ye received, freely ye give” (Matthew 10:8)


                                                                                                                       God bless you!

                                                                                                                   Pastor John Anderson Giovanni Phiri