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Sunday, 20 September 2020 shall remain a day to remember for Thavite company of baptised believers who were recognised and recommended as matured and were given authority to be an organised church.

The ceremony took place at Chingwengwe village in the area of Traditional Authority Mwanza in Salima District which is also a Pastoral District of Seventh Day Adventist whose current minister is Pastor Joshua Ben Zilinde.

The Executive Secretary of Central Malawi Conference of Seventh Day Adventist Pastor Brian Chafunya presided over the ceremony. In his words Pastor Brian Chafunya said that our is God of order and His followers must follow the same .

He further added that, for the church to be organized a number of factors have to be considered. Some of the factors are: members to be organised should be 50 and above, cooperation amongst members and leaders, good and strong leadership just to mention a few. He shared with people that the purpose of organising a church is to let the church grow.

"A church cannot prosper if the members are not united so there is a need for unity and every member should be able to perform their God-given duties and functions under the directions of divinely constituted authority," said Pastor Chafunya.

He then urged the newly organised church Thavite to carry out its duties in an orderly manner in order to accomplish the task of carrying the gospel of salvation to all the world.

Trasor Bendulo gave the brief background of Thavite church. He took the people gathered at the ceremony back to 1988 when the church started with 7 people from the families of Mbendera, Mandala, Kamuona, Maguya and Kalazi.

They were gathering at Kalazi's residence later moved to Thavite school.

He further said that other people joined the church. And between 1991 - 1995 they bought bricks to construct a permanent house to worship in. Mandala and Maguya families were moved to other places. Some developments were done under the administration of different pastors and other leaders who came to minister in turns.

Following the organisation of Thavite church the host, Pastor Joshua Ben Zilinde presided over the first election of church leaders who will lead Thavite until December 2021. Jacob Kaphala and Peter Mbendera elected 1st and 2nd church elders respectively, Getrude Chidothi elected as church clerk, Falison Mpasula and Bertha Chaguza elected as head deacon and deaconess respectively, Jonathan Matipwiri and McMillan Mchenga were elected Adventist Youth Ministry (AYM) and Communication Secretary respectively and Oscar Chaguza elected as church treasure.

Pastor Zilinde thanked officials from CMC and all chiefs as well as all members who attended the ceremony. He concluded by advising Thavite the newly elected leaders to be independent and work together as a team.

Currently, the church has 86 members.

Church members from Lipimbi, leaders from Salima church and other surrounding churches and

chiefs surrounding Thavite were in attendance.

By Jolly Ulili - Salima Communicator



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