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Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) Church members at Machenga have been applauded for enhancing participation in activities that promote self- reliance in order to achieve meaningful and sustainable infrastructural development.

The sentiments were made on Sabbath 13th February 2021 at Machenga Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) Church in the area of Traditional Authority Njewa in Lilongwe during the launch of a newly built church after the church roofing project was completed.

Machenga Seventh-day Adventist church building project coordinator Patrick Suluma said the church had been organising builders' day activities regularly aimed at raising funds for roofing project which was projected at K3,562,000.00 with the aim of enabling the church migrate into a spacious church that would help achieve meaningful and sustainable Covid-19 preventive measures.

He further said the church members were advised to refrain from depending on donations that would sometimes delay the implementation of the project's deadlines.

"If we are to promote sustainable infrastructural development, we need to foster a culture that values meaningful empowerment practices for the church's development hence the initiative," Said Suluma.

Secretary for Church Development Project Committee at Machenga Seventh-day Adventist Church Emmie Denga said self-reliance is a positive step towards the promotion of sustainable church developmental activities.

"Builder's Day activities are vital foundation for the church development as such there was need to promote sustainable infrastructural development practices to achieve the best," said Denga.

By Francis Mkanya

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