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As the Adventist Church worldwide had a week long with Family ministry seminars from 13 to 19 February 2022, Salima church had also similar activity over the same period. The seminar was mainly facilitated by Pastor Joshua Ben and Shepherdess Rose Zilinde with the title, Power of prayer.

During the week Pastor Ben Joshua and shepherdess Rose Zilinde emphasized that prayerful families live a happy life although the world seems to be very tough. The families were taught that a God fearing woman makes the home to be conducive for the Holy Spirit to live as God blesses the family abundantly, and that more prayers open doors of heaven which brings God’s understanding to all.

In her Sabbath sermon on 19 February 2022, Shepherdess Zilinde while reading from the book of Mathews 7:7 illustrated that if we ask and pray to God, He will give us what we need but not in our will but His for He choose best things to provide us as his children. Each time we pray we should have faith that God will answer our prayers.

She also added that for our prayers to be answered we need first to cleanse ourselves by forgiving our trespassers in order to create a room for His merciful giving power to dwell in us. God is righteous hence if we don’t forgive our fellows, He will not forgive us as well and at the end He won’t provide our needs as it states in Psalms 66v18-19 [If I had ignored my sins, the Lord would not have listened to me, but God has indeed heard me , he has listened to my prayer].

“In order to have a happy life in our families we need to be warriors of prayer because it unites our family with the father in heaven. Don’t keep grudges with anyone but rather be at peace with everyone, says the Lord.

Let’s take the prayer to be like the daily breathe that we live with, that without the breathe we are dead. A prayer is be the best weapon to make our life go without obstacles as He will lead us where ever we go,” said Shepherdess Zilinde.

On the part of praying for others we should do with fullness for it is the precious gift which we are giving to our fellows by presenting them to Christ to bless and guide them in all daily life. We need to be a blessing to our neighbors, workmates, family friends, even our fellow church members. If we rely on prayers, we will be able to be transformed as He is the father who knows the best of His children.

Lastly she encouraged all families to rely upon Him in everything as the provider of daily life and always learn to give thanks to God and hear his teachings in order to inherit eternal life with our families.

The signs of times are fast passing. God is coming soon. We should get prepared for the great day of His coming.

By Clement Sakhutah



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