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On Sabbath, August 19 2023, more than 170 souls have been won to Christ following a two weeks evangelism effort organized by Dorcas Ministries of Lilongwe North-West District in Chambu Vilage which was facilitated by Mrs. Rose Magola of Muonekera Seventh-day Adventist Church under the theme “Knowing God Our Creator”.

Mrs. Annie Kachokammanja, President for Dorcas ministries in Lilongwe North-West District has urged women to continue spreading the gospel in order to prepare people for the soon return of Jesus Christ.

In an interview, Kachokammanja has disclosed that the ministry is planning for an outreach campaign in the month of November where they will reach a community which is yet to be discovered in meaningful and impactful way by ministering to both physical and spiritual needs of their target population.

Speaking in an interview, Pastor Paul Chibisa who oversees Lilongwe North-West District commended Dorcas ministry for their interest and passion carrying forth the church mission.

In regards to retention of new converts, pastor Chibisa has disclosed that the church has already undertaken strategic actions.

“We have decided to turn the evangelism effort site to our Sabbath worship gathering place so that our new converts should easily get to church” Pastor Chibisa said.

He also disclosed that on Sabbath 26 August 2023 each convert will be allocated to a partner in order to provide spiritual guidance and support as they navigate their faith journey.

Baptism is one of the fundamental beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church where an individual publicly acknowledge one's allegiance to Christ and His message. The ceremony which is biblically performed by full immersion in water symbolizes death to an old sinful life and rebirth to a new creation in Christ.

By Timothy Chavula

CMC Media

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