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About a hundred Adventist Youths from Nampala district of the Central Malawi Conference in Lilongwe, on 5th September visited Kalumbu hospital for various activities which included; sweeping, moping, and cleaning of the hospital equipment. They also shared the word of God in the surrounding community of Traditional Authority Kalumbu, Lilongwe.

Addressing the Youths, the Nurse-in-charge of the hospital, Sarah Vister, thanked the Youths for the kind gesture.

She said since the opening of the hospital, this has been the first time to receive such support especially from church. Therefore, she encouraged other churches to emulate the gesture.

Adding his voice Elisa Bakolosi, one of the officials at the hospital, encouraged the girls to work hard in their education so that they should be able to help their communities like Sarah Vister. He also thanked the Youths for the activities at the hospital.

In the afternoon they shared the word of God to the surrounding community which mainly came from Psalms 23:1 with an encouragement to the community to choose God over everything for He is the provider. Then they donated items like salt, soap, matches, clothes, and cups.

Their leader, Bright Bonya, thanked them for deciding to take part in the activities.

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