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LL City Zone Communicators Cheer Bzyanzi Juveniles

City zone president Eaton Kanyandula presenting the donation to the prison representative

Story by Chikondi Basikolo.

Lilongwe City Zone Communicators on Sabbath, June 29 2019 visited Bzyanzi Juveniles in Dowa district and donated assorted items and shared with them the word of God.

Preaching before presenting the items, Central Malawi Conference (CMC) communication department Vice Executive Secretary Patrick Mleya read from Genesis 37:1_39 citing the story of Joseph.

Mleya said Joseph was casted into a pit by his brothers, then sold and became a servant in Potiphar’s house. While there, Potiphar's wife lied to her husband that Joseph wanted to rape her and so he got imprisoned.

Though these accusations were levelled against him and sent to prison, Joseph was not shaken because he knew that he never did anything wrong.

communicators singing song of hope at the prison

He knew whom he was serving that He is the living God, and while in prison Joseph ministered to his fellow prisoners.

Mleya then said sometimes our enemies are not far from us as sometimes they are our own families and friends.

He therefore encouraged the young offenders that every time they are going through problems, they should remember that God is always there for them and He has a way to rescue His children from all the earthly troubles.

He then urged the Church Communicators and Bzyanzi officers who have responsibility on their maids and children that they should be careful when taking action because Joseph was imprisoned without committing any offence but because Potiphar did not have time to investigate the matter and find the truth, Joseph was dragged into prison.

"Despite all these challenges, at the end Joseph became the ruler and he rescued his brothers. I want to encourage you young men that everything happens for a reason and I am sure that you're here so that your lives should change for the better and become responsible citizens. Don't feel depressed or feel abandoned while you're here because God that you serve is the true love", concluded Mleya.

In an interview with Lilongwe City Zone Communication department President, Eaton Kanyandula said they decided to visit Bzyanzi because they know these people face a lot of problems and it is their duty as Christians to give a hand.

"They are young men who need encouragement from people, so we are the ones to cheer them up and give them hope while they are here so that they should not feel abandoned but rather be strong and become responsible citizens," said Kanyandula.

He added, “When the Bible says 'I was in prison and you did not visit me', does not necessarily mean God Himself being in prison but His children like the ones we have seen today and all other inmates around the world. So it is our duty to cheer these people and share with them what God has blessed us with."

Communicators pose with prison officials

Kanyandula further encouraged people who have the potential to help but do not take part in helping the needy in any way that it is the duty that our Lord Jesus Christ left for us.

Adding on the same, Sergeant Aubrey Kabwabwa who is also the Discipline Officer for Bzyanzi thanked the City Zone Communicators for visiting Bzyanzi out of all areas that they would have gone to.

"These items have come at a right time. The items that you have brought were lacking here, but your coming is really a blessing to us", he said.

He however concluded by highlighting that the reformatory has a school where the inmates attend in different classes, and are also engaged in different agricultural activities aimed at making the young offenders responsible young men with skills which they would use when they return to their homes.

The items that were donated include; Sugar, salt, buckets, washing soap, iron sheets, football, chlorine, plates, cups, slippers, exercise books, and pens. The items were collected from different churches in Lilongwe through Church Communicators and were worth about K400,000.

Bzyanzi Juvenile is currently keeping 41 young offenders



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