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Churches from Lilongwe North West district organised a program to appreciate Pastor Paul Chibisa on 15th October,2023. Lilongwe North West district comprises of Area 25A, sector 7, Dzenza and Area 50 churches among others. The program was held at Area 25A SDA Church which is also a mother church of the district. Elder Maxwell Magaso from area 50 encouraged those who attended the program that the program was so important since it strengthens the relationship between the church and the pastor. Elder Godwin Chipoka from Dzenza emphasised that the program had shown the spirit of unity among all different churches within the district. Elder Macdonald Kayesera who was the chair of the Pastor's Appreciation welfare committee said that despite facing financial challenges, the committee and the church made it possible for the program to take place. Pastor Paul Chibisa thanked the Church, elders and the committee for the kind gesture . He also appreciated the coordination that is between the church and the Pastor. Malingaliro Mpungula CMC Media

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