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Seventh-day Adventist Church has made history at Kacherenga in Ntchisi by being the first and only Christian church which has been planted in the area following a two weeks evangelism meeting that took place from 8th to 21st October 2023.

The group village headman Kacherenga said he gladly welcomed the only church in his village as this a fulfilment of his long time desire his desire.

"For so long I have been looking forward to have a christian church in my area for there is no any church here so i asked your church last year to conduct a long term meeting after they came for a short period.Now, here we are and am happy because now my village will be with God fearing people" said GVH Kacherenga.

10 people got baptised on the day and the other 46 graduated in the Voice of Prophecy school and received certificates.

Group Village head Kacherenga promised to do everything possible for the church by giving land to construct a church so that these people should not be walking a 5 kilometre distance to church.

Emmanuel Moses Mkombezi


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