Looking after the sheep is one of spiritual fruits expected in Christ's children as stated in Galatians 5:5 and James 2:15 - 17.

As a way of fulfilling the obligation, nine Associate Master Guides from Gologota SDA Church in Lilongwe district led by their mentors over the weekend extended a helping hand to an old woman living in Magalamula village, a remote area located in Lilongwe South East.

93 year-old Gogo Kansengwa, Non-Adventist, lives alone since the death of her husband early last year and she survives by little support she get from neighbouring families.

Gogo Kansengwa suffers from rheumatism and other old-age complications, she lives in a shuttered house, and she has no bathroom and she takes her bath in banana plantations behind her house.

A thirty minute dialog with her began with a word of prayer and bible reading followed by donation of cooking oil, salt and soap among other items.

Expressing her gratitude after receiving the items, Gogo Kansengwa said "I am speechless but I ask God to bless these young men for their support".

In an interview, the team's mentor Master Guide Lucius Kabudula confirmed that Gologota SDA Church youth department will continue supporting the granny.

Kabudula however asked for intervention from other well wishers in order to meet the old woman's needs.

By Vincent Sitolo - Communicator

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