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Thousands of Seventh day Adventist youths across the central region of Malawi gathered at Inspector General's ground, a Malawi police headquarters ground in Lilongwe on 9 July 2022 for a Central Malawi Conference's youth rally.

The main speaker at the function was the Malawi Union Conference (MUC) of SDA president, Pastor Tony Nyirenda.

In his sermon 'Pharaoh's tactics', Pastor Nyirenda warned the congregation, about how Satan tries to hinder the spirituality of a person by not allowing him/her to go far from his territory.

Pastor Nyirenda narrated from the book of Exodus chapter 8, 10 and 28 about how Pharaoh tried to stop Israelites from exiting Egypt.

"As Pharaoh said to Moses, you may leave Egypt but don't go beyond the wilderness. Satan wants you to be very close to him in your food, dressing, and music you listen, hence you must watch out", said Nyirenda.

Later Pastor Tony Nyirenda launched what was termed as 'Go one thousand', an evangelistic strategy aiming at winning one thousand souls for Christ by the end of the year 2022.

Dr Felix Njiri from Southern Africa Indian Ocean Division of SDA gave a presentation on the important of Adventist education.

Master guide Pastor Horice Nyirenda, an MUC Youth director, Pastor Petros Sukali, Central Malawi Conference president, and Pastor Charles Thangalimodzi who is the Adventist Media director, were among other pastors who were present at the event.

Story by Chrisher Mapezi, CMC Communicator

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