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Falls Zone Dorcas Ministers Kanyandule Village

Falls zone Dorcas singing during the event

Falls Dorcas zone of the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church on November 22, 2020 took a step further in preaching God's word by donating assorted items to Kanyandule village in the area of Traditional Authority Tsabango in Lilongwe district.

The women distributed items worth MK900,000 to the under privileged Adventists and Non-Adventists.

The activity began with a brief Bible study and ended up with over 200 people receiving items including sugar, maize flour, oil, clothes and Blankets among others.

One of the Dorcas women presenting the items to one of the beneficiaries

In her speech, Lilongwe City Zone Women Ministries President Blessings Zidana encouraged all women to continue taking part in outreach activities while preaching Christ's advent message.

Zidana also urged all women to remain united and committed for them to accomplish their goal of proclaiming gospel to the whole world.

"This program has been a success because these women are committed. Therefore, i pray that this spirit should continue. I believe that Kanyandule village has seen the power of God being manifested through this program." Zidana added.

In his remarks, Group Village Headman Kanyandule gratified SDA church for the kind gesture.

"Had all Churches be like Seventhday Adventist Church, villages would have not been in poverty as it is now" Said GVH Kanyandule.

Reported by Vincent Sitolo

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