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On 7th May 2022, Pastor Henry Kanchanda who is the Personal Ministries Leader in the Central Malawi Conference, urged members of Dzenza SDA church to be good stewards.

Pastor Kanchanda was speaking this on Sabbath afternoon after completing a 7 days Stewardship emphasis.

He said good stewards, will be with Jesus everywhere they are, and they will be like Jesus in everything they do.

He also emphasized on keeping God's roles, tithing, offerings, and love as things that should be seen in good stewards for God loved us by dying for us and served us from death in the process.

Dr Godwin Chipoka, who is the First Elder at Dzenza SDA Church applauded all church members who participated in this Stewardship emphasis week.

He also thanked Central Malawi Conference for assigning Pastor Kanchanda as he has delivered the massage from God.

The Stewardship emphasis week received a warm welcome by the congregants as everyone was able to l contribute through questions and support points on a particular day's topic.

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