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Dwangwa Nkhotakota zone Adventist men and women converged at Kabiza Primary School ground on Sabbath, 26 August,2023 to celebrate the End It Now emphasis day in grand style. The mammoth crowd gathered to echo the quest to end the abuse which is perpetrated by leaders and followers in the church, workplace and in different areas.

The CMC Women’s director, Grace Mazunda who was the guest called on leaders in different positions to emulate Christ's leadership to nurture the sheep tenderly. The sermon entitled:Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing warned people in positions not to abuse their subjects because they have power.

The CMC Women's director emphasized that people rely on leaders to find solutions to their problems and it is paramount for leaders to attend to their problems with seriousness.

She took a swipe at men who sit back and rely on women to take care of the family. Women were also cautioned to ensure that they nurture their families take care of the men and not abuse men as well.

Sexual harassment, and abuse against men, students, teachers, patients, elderly people, singles, and motorcyclists, were all condemned during the day through songs, drama, placards, and speeches.

The event was also patronized by the Nkhunga Police Station’s Officer, Betty Sambakusi who joined the call to end abuse now. She shared mind-blowing sexual crime statistics for the Dwangwa area.

Dwangwa registered many abuse cases from January to June 2023. Eleven had been convicted already.

She also condemned abuse against the elderly being perpetrated in the Dwangwa falsely accusing them of witchcraft.

She appealed to the church to practice what was being preached during the day.

By Samson Walota. CMC Media

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