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Central Malawi Conference (CMC) Mass Choir whose membership comprises Seventh-day Adventist Church members from different Churches in the Central Region of Malawi went to Zambia on 26th August,2023 and prayed together with their counterparts at Mwami Seventh-day Adventist Church and cheered the sick at Mwami Adventist Hospital.

After the morning hour prayers, the choir had to lead the afternoon program with a theme "Jesus is at the door."

So many singing groups from Mwami such as Seleshos, School Nurses Choir, Youth Choir, and others the also joined the CMC Mass Choir in sharing the gospel through singing.

Gladys Mbewe from Zambia said she was happy that she had made friends with people from Malawi.

After Sabbath hours, the choir left to cheer the sick at Mwami Adventist Hospital which is situated within the same church compound where they visited Children, Female and Male wards. While in the wards, they shared the Word of God with patients and guardians encouraging them all to have faith in Jesus Christ as doing so will lead the patients into healing.

Speaking from a short sermon in children’s ward, Charles Kamwendo who read from John 3:16,

encouraged the patients to have faith in God God who will make it possible for them to be healed because He is a loving God.

He said this will only be achieved if those people who are in the hospital have faith and believe in Him.

"Though you are in the hospital, know that you will be out of this hospital if you believe in Jesus Christ and trust that He can heal you," added Kamwendo.

In his remarks, the Music director for CMC Mass Choir, Israel Kaunda concurred with all who gave short sermons in all the three wards and told the patients together with the guardians that all shall be well if they trust in God.

The in-charge of the Children's ward, Athen Mweene thanked CMC Mass Choir for providing and giving words of encouragement to the patients and sharing the Word of God.

Reported by Hajira Chikhuwi




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