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The Central Malawi Conference (CMC) of the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church organized a Pastors and First Elders meeting for Lilongwe City Zone aimed at evaluating the impact of COVID 19 preventive measures on the church.

The meeting was held on February 28, 2021 at Falls SDA Church.

Speaking during the meeting, CMC president Pastor Petros Sukali, said the meeting was organized to empower and encourage the Pastors together with the first elders because they are people on the steering and it is the duty of CMC to make sure that the work of these leaders are smooth and are being led by the Holy Spirit.

"We tackled most on COVID 19 especially on how they can prevent the pandemic and at the same time, serving God faithfully.

We encouraged all members present to uphold all the hygienic rules that have been put in place and we also helped them on how they can be creative in delivering God's words in making sure that our spirituality as Sabbath keepers is maintained,” said Pastor Sukali.

The CMC president then said the issue of children gathering during this pandemic was the center of the discussion because the bible says that children are the kingdom of God so as they are preventing the children from contracting the virus, they should also be fed with the word of God through the creativity that the church leadership might think of depending on the nature of their churches.

He said, “Apart from the online lessons that some churches are employing, we also explored some better ways on how children can be taught the word of God and this was mostly to those churches that do not have the capacity to do the children online lessons".

He added that what they explored were modified ways that are not shifting away from the normal way of worship. Those that have chapels can let the children to be gathering in their chapels.

He then commended all leaders present and appreciated their efforts in maintaining worship during the pandemic.

''I am so thankful because of the unity that is among the leaders of Lilongwe city zone as well as for the contribution they have made during the meeting which will help a long way in ministering God,” he said.

Concurring with the CMC president, Pastor Brian Chafunya who is the CMC Executive Secretary said the meeting helped to find ways on how they can enhance the spirituality of members amidst the COVID 19 pandemic.

“This meeting has opened doors because we have discussed ways that will help us reach out to those that are not attending church through online services.

We found out that it is easier to be lobbying people though it is difficult to visit them physically. We can use the technological way and reach them through Whatsapp messages or calls and encourage each other so that we should worship our God together regardless of the time we are passing through,” added pastor Chafunya.

By Chikondi Basikolo



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