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It was all smiles for members of Chitala church in the Central Malawi Conference and members of the SDA World Church as Chitala which was previously a branch of Chinguluwe got organized on Thursday, 11 August 2022.

Presiding over the function was the Central Malawi Conference’s Ministerial, Pastor Aulex Daniel Msulira who represented the CMC President, Pastor Petro Sukali, and was in a company of Pastor Jones Chimbwanda, Chezi district Pastor, and Pastor Joshua Ben Zilinde, Salima East district Pastor.

Also present at the function were community leaders where the church is located and they included Senior Group Village Headman Katundu and Group Village Headman Chana.

Chitala church started in September 1979 in Guwende village, TA Khombedza, as a family gathering which later developed into a church when another family joined in from Zomba and those that were coming from Chinguluwe.

According to Jolly Ulili who provided the historical background, this church went through different stages ups and downs from 1979 which included several failures to secure a place to build a church structure. However, they later managed to establish a church structure behind Chitala market.

In 1999 they acquired land in Katundu village, and they started developing the land while they were convening for prayers at Chitala research station having relocated from their previous place because it was not conducive.

On 26th April 2011, this church benefited a permanent church structure from Maranatha organization which built a one day church, and members have been congregating in this structure since then.

Pastor Aulex Msulira in his remarks reminded the congregation that the 28 fundamental beliefs should remind the members of Chitala church to continue following them individually.

He said the beliefs of the individuals determine the individual lifestyles.

“You cannot say you believe Sabbath or marriage yet you violate them”, he said.

He also advised against church members taking part in activities that disturb peace in their communities or disobey the community leaderships than being good examples to others.

He then lamented on those who show their Christian values when they are among their Christian colleagues yet they behave differently when they are among non-believers.

To the church leadership, Pastor Msulira emphasized that the growth of the Church is dependent on how the leaders conduct themselves in their duty saying any shortcomings should be corrected within the church other than taking the issues outside.

He then encouraged them to always put God first through the Bible and always use the Adventist policy books for guidance.

Making his remarks after the function, first Elder Cathbert Kamoto, while accepting that it has taken them long to reach this status, said they intend to grow the Church within possible time by firstly intensifying evangelistic efforts.

Secondly, they intend to achieve the growth through opening of new branches within where people are so as to make the Church accessible to all where they are.

Senior Group Village Headman Katundu welcomed the church in his community and was thankful that the church has grown. He advised the church to depend on God always.

At the time of organizing the church, Chitala has a total of 77 baptized members and has a branch, namely Khotekhote.

Patrick Nyerere, CMC Communicator



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