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Biwi District Lay Preachers on Friday 9 April, 2021 visited Phiri la Njuzi SDA Church in Traditional Authority Masumbankhunda, Lilongwe, where they also went out into the nearby villages and shared with them the word of God.

Apart from sharing the word of God, the evangelists also reached out vulnerable people.

The items includes laundry soap, sugar, salt, roofing plastic papers and clothes.

They also shared exercise books and writing pens to school going children in the area.

The lay preachers then splited into groups while some remained at the Church and conducted worship service while others went into 3 villages surrounding the Church.

The other people went to Pokondodo village in while the others went into the nearby villages to interact with the communities while sharing with them the message about the pardoning and saving power of Christ and His second Coming and this was the theme of the evangelistic mission.

After sharing with the communities the word of God, there was time for registering for VOP bible school and sharing the VOP lessons to those who showed interest.

10 peple were registered immediately after the presentation of the short sermons.

In the afternoon, Members of the community who heeded to the call to come to Phiri la Njuzi church were treated to a health talk conducted by elder Alamu John Mhone.

The afternoon event was spiced up by soul afflicting melodies coming from City View singers, a group of lay preachers from Area 22, Phiri la Njuzi Dorcas choir, and Biwi District Dorcas choir.

Earlier on during devine service, evangelist Ruth Ndalama took Phiri la Njuzi SDA Church members by surprise when she presented a soul searching sermon in which she warned the congregation with reference to a story of Job found in Job chapter 4:1-4, that they should not be cheated by anyone that they are not eligible to enter heaven.

"Jesus promised that He has gone to prepare mansions enough for all of us. In fact if the whole world repent today, there will be enough place for everyone," evangelist Ruth Ndalama said.

Finally evangelist Mercy Salimu who was directing the afternoon program invited Pastor Moyo the District pastor to lead in the distribution of the items to the beneficiaries.

Pastor Moyo thanked the lay preachers and its leadership for their timely donations and the sharing of the word of God with the communities.

"I am not surprised that three people have already committed their lives to Christ and are ready to be baptized. Praise be to God," the pastor concluded.

The pastor said this referring to three members who after appealing, offered themselves to be baptized and become Seventh-day Adventist Christian.

By: Benjamin Lopanda- Mchesi SDA



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