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Area 3 district Young Adventist Women Ministries (YAWM) on 10th April 2022 visited Kamuzu Central hospital to show their love to patients suffering from non-communicable diseases, especially cancer.

Speaking with the organiser of the visit who is also the president of the district YAWN, Ellen Nkoma, said that the visit was a tool for evangelism as they went there to encourage the patients who have lost hope in this hopeless time.

"We have come here with some little items just to help them in a short period of time. These items are not enough but on the other hand we have come with a full package of good news, that is, of Jesus Christ the great physician.

She also said that as Christians we need to spread the gospel everywhere and we must help people who are in need regardless of their religion, tribe or status.

The group presented assorted items like soap, milk, and eggs to the patients with cancer.

BY: Chinsisi Tabithar Phiri

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