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After two weeks of an evangelistic crusade conducted by Area 18 Dorcas members in the area of Group village headman Kaliwawala, 86 souls accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour. The converts were baptised on the closing day,23rd September,2023.

This crusade was facilitated by Mrs Ethel Bwanali and Mrs Victoria Funsani. People from six other surrounding villages were also attending the crusade.

Speaking in response to an interview, Mrs Dalitseni Kazembe, the Area 18 District Dorcas President said that she was very happy with the outcome of the evangelistic effort. She said that people around the village were coming early in the morning to attend all the different activities daily.

Mrs Kazembe said, "Since we have preached the Gospel, I am now challenging all Christians around here to partner and be friendly with the new converts so that we do not lose them."

In his remarks, GVH Kaliwawala said that he was so happy that people from his village have accepted Christ. He was quick to point out that he does not want to hear discouraging reports from the new converts. He continued to say that he expected the newly-converted Christians to portray behavioural change. Finally the Group Village Headman promised to allocate land to the SDA church for a church building.

Apart from preaching the word of God, the women made door to door visitations, gave family life lessons and conducted health clinics to deal with different health issues. On top of all these, Mrs Peace Chakanika gave tailoring lessons which resulted in sewing of dresses and handbags by the villagers.

The closing ceremony was attended by fifteen village headpersons from surrounding villages. Also present was Mrs Mirriam Saiwa, the Vice CMC Women Ministries Director. She said that she was happy with what Area 18 Dorcas members had done.

Maggie Wingolo

CMC Media.

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