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Seventh-Day Adventist social footballers from Lilongwe Northwest District have on 1 May, 2022 supported Bzyanzi prison inmates with different assorted items.

Before the presentation of the items, they had a sermon which encouraged inmates to follow what God wants

Speaking on behalf of Bzyanzi prison, Sergeant Susan Namanguya who is Bzyanzi Prison Chaplain, saluted the social footballers for the charity work. She said the items shared will help them alot as they had non of them.

Kingston Salimu Mbewe who led the social footballers to Bzyanzi Prison said apart from preaching the gospel of the Lord Jesus, they do exercises through social football.

He said they thought of bringing the help as they saw a need in the prison as this was not their first time to visit the prison.

The Adventist social footballers have donated backets, laundry soap, soap for bathing, vaseline, and two footballs.

Inmates welcoming visitors

The inmates performed several activities which included singing gospel music, performing drama, and reciting bible verses.

At the end of everything, the social footballers had lunch with the inmates from the food they brought.

Reported by Ferson Mkambwe

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