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It was on 4th November, 2023 when the Adventist Youth members started an evangelistic effort at Chionjeza Village at Thavite in Salima. The youth of Salima West District organised the crusade there because it was an unentered area.

On the first day the youth moved door to door in the village inviting people to the meeting. MG Carthbert Kamoto from Chitala Church preached for the whole two weeks. His support team included MG Nazombe from Thavite, MG Rhudo Daza from Chinguluwe and Aubrey Dagrass from Chitala.

The crusade ended on 18th November, 2023. Twenty converts were baptised by Pastor Jones Chimbwanda from Salima West District.

In his closing remarks, company leader for Chionjeza Church said, " When we plant crops in the field, its our job to water them for them to grow but if you just plant without watering and nurturing, they will die." He meant that since a new branch was organised, the converts should not be abandoned. They should be visited regularly.

The Village headman promised to give them a plot to build a church in the village. He also showed them a place for their weekly Sabbath worship.

In his preachimg MG Curthbert Kamoto emphasised that the people were alive not because of their good deeds but God's favour towards sinners. He said that they are to have time for prayers and cling to God. He also advised the newly baptised members to be God's chosen people in their behaviour.

Finally, the youth ended with a marching drill parade around the village. The villagers were attracted with the parade.

By Essau Banda

CMC Media

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