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Following a crusade that took place at Chadza village, T/A Tsabango in Lilongwe from 10th to 30th September 2023, 63 souls have been baptised.

Among the newly baptised members, 30 were new converts from the crusade, 19 from the VOP initiatives and 14 ordinary members from Bible class at Kaphiri Church.

The Crusade was an initiative of Kaphiri Church that empowered personal ministries department to organize a mega crusade.

The speaker of the three weeks crusade, Evangelist Rhessah Mponda of Its Time for Christ (ITC) Ministries delivered God's message during the crusade.

Each of the newly baptised member received either a 1992 version Chichewa bible or a spiritual book titled 'Maziko a Mau a Mulungu' as a way of celebrating with them.

Village headman Kamkuzi, Village headman Chadza and other two village heads who attended the entire three weeks crusade were not left out but also given the Chichewa bible as a present.

Pastor Daniel Kwaule, the Lilongwe South district pastor played a role of baptizing the candidates which took place at Kaphiri church.

Each of the newly baptized members was assigned a spiritual companion who would be responsible for the spiritual support as well as strive to support them their physical needs where possible.

Emmanuel MosesMkombezi


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