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Little Miracle Leads Her Drill Squad To Success

At the age of five ,Miracle Chisekula, an Adventurer, is a drill instructor who on Sunday 30th December,2018 led her 20 member Adventist Youth drill squad to become the best squad during 2018 Lilongwe City Zone Drill Display and Awards ceremony that took place at Falls Seventh day Adventist Church.

The people were astonished to see the young but confident Miracle coming to beg permission for her squad to come for the displays.

“Officer, officer, the squad is ready to match in; so I beg your permission officer!” echoed the kid as if she was singing A-B-C, Alphabet song.

The onlookers had no choice but to put their hands together for what was like to many a dream. No phone found its peace in the pocket as everyone wanted to capture such an unusual spectacle.

To the surprise of many including fellow instructors, Miracle confidently commanded her squad and led it in the basic drill demonstration session. With her little, soft yet audible voice, the little one managed to charge the squad to execute several turns and displays.

The girl gave her commands in a manner that showed it was not something she has memorized but rather what she knows very well.

She could be seen in a very composed state watching her squad executing her commands in a way she wanted. In very complicated turns such as ‘Address 45’, she could be seen waiting for the platoon to finish the turn and throw in another turn in no space of time.

The little star further shined when she was recognized and awarded the best ‘Upcoming Drill instructor’. She went away with an award certificate and 'drill honor' patch.

Many could not resist her brightness and were by the love of Christ compelled to award her with cash. Miracle pocketed a good sum of money.

Commending the development, Lilongwe City Zone Coordinator Comrade Kondwani Ngwale thanked drill instructors for glooming the little one as an Instructor.

Concurring with him was the Central Malawi Conference Adventist Youth Ministries Executive Committee chairman Comrade Khalani Makunje who said the training of Miracle as an Instructor best reflects the Pass it on concept.

Miracle Chisekula comes from Monekera church, Chilinde District and her squad comprised of members from Area 23, Lilongwe East and Chilinde Districts.Her squad was given a trophy for being the best drill squad.


ChilindeDistricts.Her squad was given a trophy for being the best drill squad.



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