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Machenga SDA Church Closes Family Life

Retired Pastor of the seventh day Adventist(SDA) church,Dickson Jonathan Nkosi has advised Parents of the seventh day Church in the country to exercise Christ like behaviors that shall help raise their children the Christian way .

He made the remarks Saturday at Machenga Seventh day Adventist church in Likuni District in central Malawi conference during a one day family life workshop.

"Parents must be role models to their children to help them refrain from unbecoming behaviors that may lead them into becoming unproductive future church leaders. The church today is facing a lot of challenges in counseling children who misbehave instead of getting involved in evangelistic work to win souls,"Nkosi Explained.

He further urged children to build good relationship with their parents so that they become trusted and reliable members of the church.

"If families are able to demonstrate good behaviors children will emulate the same because they will be motivated to have better future God fearing families which will help the church to experience tremendous growth,"Nkosi said.

Speaking at the end of the workshop, Family life Chairperson at Machenga SDA church,Khalidwe Isaac said he was optimistic that the families had been inspired to work even better to boost their working relationships to keep their families safe from indulging in unbecoming behaviors.

"Self control,knowing our destiny are the only tools towards the salvation of each and every church member and one should remember that salvation is dependent on self determination," lsacc said.

He said the aim of the workshop was to bring the families together to workout on issues affecting the Christian communities and be encouraged to encounter challenges with God's help.

One of the family members,Stanford Maleke thanked the Pastor for reminding families on how best they can run the Christian families today when the devil has embarked on attacking them in order to destroy the Church.

"I am extremely happy for the words of encouragement and inspiration to the church members for this shall mark a new chapter in the history of our church," Maleke Explained.

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