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MABUNA Gets Into AY Quiz Final

It all happened at Malawi Adventist University- Lakeview Campus on 15th July 2018 when MABUNA Youth Ministry had a face to face encounter with Bilira Zone into Final Stages of Quiz Program. Led by a team of 19 members, youths from MABUNA which is a zone acronym for Malingunde, Bunda and Nampala(Nathenje) districts of SDA Church in Lilongwe, took the challenge to take each and every question posed by the Quiz Master with a value.

Commenting at the end of the quiz, MABUNA Youth Ministry Coordinator Comrade Jabil Lanjesi Thanked the zone for the great commitment towards the program. "We are very appreciative for the great work done by our team of Adventurers, Pathfinders and Senior Youths for their perseverance in studying hard to make it to the finals. We are hoping of doing much better in our final", said Lanjesi. The zone made it to semi finals after edging Dowa - Mponera - Ntchisi Zone at a score of 76-58 before meeting Bilira which had defeated Salima Zone.

According to CMC Youth Director Pastor Comrade Mchewere Banda, the quiz program was instituted to promote reading spirit among the youth. Pastor Mchewere Banda further states that the Church needs youth who love reading and are able to keep what they read. He lamented that youth and the church should not only be busy in reading text and watsapp messages, but rather those materials that are beneficial to them and the church. ‘It is only those that are knowledgeable that can lead’, Mchewere Banda said.

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