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Book Distribution Takes a Great Step In Kasungu

People of Chiteyeye and Chagwira villages in the Traditional Authority Kaomba in Kasungu were greatly inspired by Book Distribution exercise conducted by Kachere Seventh Day Adventist members. It all started from a week long Revival Seminar conducted by Publishing Department of the church from the 10th of June up to the 16th. Facilitated by the APD himself Manfred Khombe who led the church on three topics namely: Anxiety, Addiction and Depression. In addition, Pastor Petrol Gomani the church pastor, led on Stress, Sense of Guilty, and Psychiatric Trauma.

Sabbath afternoon was the climax of the program as villages received Seventh-day Adventists who scattered for the all important book distribution exercise. Hundreds of books bought by individual members were shared for the good news across the Kaomba catchment area.

Reports indicate that many villagers were happy with the soul-winning gifts and needed more books.

The exercise was not short of testimonies though as one brother Charles Chimwala and his team were chased by an annoyed residence in show of disapproval for the exercise, only to find many thirsty neighbours who could not wait but to ask for more! the distributed books included titles such as The Power of Hope, Signs of Hope, and Ulikunka kuti.

This Publishing afternoon program was a continuation of a powerful Devine service conducted by Elder Patrick Mphalumo from Area 3 district in Lilongwe who challenged the faithful against pride.

Leading the sermon with a reading from 1 Cor 1:25 to 31, Elder Mphalumo reminded the church on the humble character of some notable heroes from the bible who took commendable roles but never mentioned by name:

" we have people like that Servant from Namaan's house; a boy with two fish to Jesus that fed the multitude, but their names are not mentioned. Yet some of us Christians with the little we have done to the church call for publicity of our names," Mphalumo said.

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